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Alonissos is a beautiful island located in the eastern part of the Sporades islands in the central area of the Aegean sea.
The old village is locally known as Chora. The Patitiri port is the main harbour of the island and the first place you visit at your arrival.
After a massive earthquake in 1965 - local people moved from Chora down to Patitiri. In these days Patitiri is the biggest village and also provides most of the nightlife of the island, with several clubs, restaurants and bars.
Other villages are: Rousoum, Votsi, Stenivala, Kalamakia and of course the old village of Chora. The muncipality covers also the other islands of the region - Gioura, Kyra Panagia, Pelagos, Skantzoura, Piperi, Peristera and Adhelfopoulo.
The length of the island is 4,5 km from NorthWest to SouthEast and the island is 20 km wide from SouthWest to NorthEast.
The island is part of the NMPAMS (National Marine Park of Alonissos) which is the first park to be founded at Greece. It is situated in Eastern Central Greece, in the region of the North Sporades Islands.