History of Alonissos


The history of Northern Sporades islands goes back to the Stone Age period, before 100000 years ago, where we can trace the oldest remains. That time the islands were joined to the Pelion penisula. Excavations at Kokkinokastro discovered petrified bones from the Middle Stone Age. Signs of the first inhabitation from New Stone Age is dated in the bay of St. Peter on the Kyra Panagia island.


During the classical years there have been traces of offerings to the Delphi oracle. In the year of 478 BC the island was part of the Athenean alliance. 75 years later in 403 BC the island was conquered by the rival Spartans but a few years later was reconquered by Athenians again.During the unification period of the multiple city-states of ancient Greece the islands was under influence of Phillip of Macedonia which brought great prosperity to the island. In 146 BC, Rome conquered the island.


In the third century, inhabitants of the island accepted Christianity and as a part of the Byzantine Empire the most flourishing years came as we can see from the many churces, fortifications as well as monasteries that are dated back to that period. Monastery life was also in many centers at unhabited islands around Alonissos and some of them still belong to monasteries of Mt. Athos.